Who We Are

We're actually just a very sophisticated sting operation that searches for rich people who love to waste money on stupid stuff. We've gathered nearly forty million Americans who have more money than they know what to do with, and we exist to sell these people things out of fear and ignorance.

Our basic model is based heavily on Donald J. Trump and Steve Bannon's model for instilling fear into otherwise sometimes sensible people. As you can tell, it really works and it's a very successful business model.

What We Do

We buy t-shirts for, like, a dollar or two, and we print some stupid, idiotic design that no one could possibly want, and we shove them at people to see who falls for them. You'd be surprised from all the data we gather how stupid these people can be, even though they've made millions of dollars somehow. Go figure.

It really does seem so weird that a person could have somehow made so much money and yet be so damn stupid buying stuff that's ugly as sin, and yet they eat that stuff up and we get rich. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention our t-shirts cause cancer, even if you just touch one just once.

Contact Us

  • (800) 555-1212
  • support@tightywhities.test
  • 123 Main Street Westport, CT 06880

About Us

We're actually an underground sting operation where we see if there are rich people who really would pay this much for our stupid t-shirts


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Mitch Powell - HTML5Authoring - FINAL PROJECT: TightyWhities T-Shirt Catalog

I used Flexbox Grid from flexboxgrid.com, and a lot of code from Brad Traversy's TraversyMedia video tutorial, Build A Responsive HTML & CSS Template With FlexboxGrid. I like Flexbox Grid and will use it more, most likely.