Section: Submit This    (see "Do This" section)

Section: Do This

Meet my friends, Scooter and Rylie



Expert Mousecatcher



Expert Slobberer

On your desktop, resize this window to change the heart's color and the border. I needed to get practice with @media queries, so I made them change colors between the desktop, tablet, and mobile views. Let this practice also serve as my "Submit This" submission.

Section: Debug This

You're awesome!

Jonah Castro

(What's interesting about this challenge is that, in order to make it look EXACTLY like the example, you need to add and subtract paddings and margins, and have an understanding of inheritance so you can initialize or unset certain styles; particularly since this page has three sections calling for different styling. I'm sure I didn't get it exactly right. Also, the pseudo-elements, ::before and ::after need to be understood more fully.)