What the Heck is Going On Here?

Lab# 7 - CSS Libraries and Frameworks

Placekitten.com is a free online placeholder generator. Just make your link by specifying width and height desired (in pixels,) like so:


These images, as they are now, are not responsive, (excepth the one on the bottom of the page is, because it's in a different format.) These others remain their original size. I'll need to study Bulma more in order to actually do a layout like this right. I am also not fond of the section border (faint grey line.) Bulma looks quite capable, but I'm not quite there yet.

In all the images on this page, I'm using a class called "is-rounded" to do a 50% rounding of all the corners. This image was called by using this link, like so:


I'm definitely not doing things right because the responsiveness of this page is just totally out of whack

And finally, this image was called using the link below. All these images could refresh, and change out with different images if you clear your browser's cache. Notice I'm vertically aligning my text to each article on the page. I saw how to do that in the amazing videos that happen to also be copyable code. A video you can stop and copy the code from. Who knew? You learn something new every day.


Here, I'm trying to use two columns, having taken it out of the section, or the article, or the container, (or whatever,) and it's not very pretty, (margins, padding, etc. ??? ) and I'm through exploring Bulimia for now.
(Oops, darn auto-correct!)


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