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tshirt 1


International Typographic Style

Believe me, you will not be the first to spend this much for a T-shirt!

tshirt 2


King Lizzard

Whatever. No idea why anyone would buy this? Think again! Some idiot's gonna hit that Buy Now button any time now!

tshirt 3


Some Poser Trying to Be Cool

Some poser idiot's gonna be hitting that I'm a poser loser button any time now!

tshirt 4


Drones Are So Cool

If you like drones then you want this T-shirt for so much money it doesn't even matter anyway dude. It's all good.

tshirt 5


Costs Way Too Much

The thing about these shirts is that you're just way too rich and you don't know what else to spend your money on.

tshirt 6


Same Ol' Same Ol'

You could buy a shirt like this for a few dollars but hey! Whatever, Go for it if you want.

tshirt 7


Don't Text & Drive

Stupid that anyone wants to spend so much on a t-shirt. Tell me, why do you do that?

tshirt 8


WTF! How Come So Cheap?

This is just a digital image of an actual T-shirt that you get for that much.

tshirt 0


For Fancy Ladies

If you're a fancy lady, you would want to spend way too much for a T-shirt just to show how daring you are!

tshirt 10


Let's Forget Oversight

No one needs to know we're spending this much for t-shirts. Let's forget oversight by buying this stupidly-expensive thing right now!

tshirt 11


Some Big Square Image

No one wants to ask you about this T-shirt except they will ask how you got it for so cheap!

tshirt 12


Yeah Right Whatever

Are you going to try to belong to somewhere like New York by wearing an expensive T-shirt? Pffft!

tshirt 13


I Can't Even

Oh yeah, right! Like you're going to look so futuristic! Are you kidding me?

tshirt 14


Swipe Left

This guy comes with the T-shirt. You've been warned. He collects butterflies.

tshirt 15


Trippin' Man!

You would look so hip if you had this T-shirt. People will think you're a hippie.

tshirt 16


Orange Nothing Special

Orange you glad we get away with such a stupid pun? You can thank us later. We're here all week.

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About Us

We're actually an underground sting operation where we see if there are rich people who really would pay this much for our stupid t-shirts


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Mitch Powell - HTML5Authoring - FINAL PROJECT: TightyWhities T-Shirt Catalog

I used Flexbox Grid from flexboxgrid.com, and a lot of code from Brad Traversy's TraversyMedia video tutorial, Build A Responsive HTML & CSS Template With FlexboxGrid. I like Flexbox Grid and will use it more, most likely.